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'Ways of Liberation' is a phrase used here to describe various ancient philosophies and systems that originated mainly in Asia at least 2000 years ago, including Vedanta and Yoga from India, Taoism and Ch'an from China, and Zen Buddhism from Japan.

In the broadest terms, these were disciplines that sought to 'liberate' us: from our illusions, self-delusions and suffering. To open our hearts and minds to a deeper reality. This work recurs time and again in human history. From the native teachings of America's First People to 'Western' psychotherapy. 

Our world is full of paradox: We exist in a glaring news-feed present, yet find it harder than ever to be in the actual moment. We live in an age of material abundance, but find ourselves still hungry for what we don't have. Bombarded with information we just become hungrier for more, understanding less and less; fed by a media which hooks our attention at every turn, yet explains so little. And how often have we found ourselves imprisoned by our need for security, or lured by a happiness so fixed in the future that we no longer know how to be happy in the present? 

Yet we are always just a few steps away from liberation. In just a few, short moments we can reclaim our psychic space, regain our control, and see that our options are potentially without limit. At every turn we get to built our reality afresh. And this is not just the work of 'esoteric' knowledge. Science, for too long placed in opposition to the kind of knowledge mentioned above, is really just the Yang to its Yin. How else to account for that statement by super-scientist Erwin Shrodinger; "the over-all number of minds is just one. I venture to call it indestructible since it has a peculiar time-table, namely mind is always now."?

The 'Ways of Liberation' section looks at these ideas in more detail. In the 'Mind/Body' section I explore the frontiers of the mind/body relationship. The blog is really just 'things I have found interesting'. Included throughout are some books, ideas and activities that I have found useful, I hope you do too. Please feel free to read through my posts and share if you wish. All feedback and contributions are welcome. 

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HC James is from London and worked as a teacher before switching careers to medicine. He currently works as a doctor in a south London Emergency Department and in his spare time visits family in California.   


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